Which young people from the Girondins squad are in danger at the end of the transfer window?

Which young people from the Girondins squad are in danger at the end of the transfer window?

Four days before the end of the winter transfer window, questions are multiplying about the sorting of young players from the training center. Highlighting the possible transfers of these often highly coveted Bordeaux hopefuls.

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Young people on the front line

The many departures after relegation to Ligue 2 as well as the budget linked to transfers led Admar Lopes and David Guion to adopt a certain project for the club: to have young people from the training center play in order to develop the Gironde identity at Haillan ( which was particularly lacking last year).

With this desire, the coach gave a lot of playing time to these players, especially because of the stormy end of the summer transfer window where some players like Nsimba, Barbet and Michelin were waiting to play. Paris won, these players in question fulfilled their part of the contract by keeping the club afloat in the scapular for 7 days.

This first part of the season has highlighted some Bordeaux names that have not made it into the previews of other clubs in Europe. We think of Dilane Bakwa, Junior Mwanga, Malcolm Bokele or even Delaurier-Chaubet.

They become transfer window targets

Let’s take these three players to better understand their impact in the game. Dilan Bakwa has played 21 games this season, second highest total after Maja. The 20-year-old striker has scored three goals and provided four assists in those matches. In addition, he has a very important impact within the offensive flank of the FCGB. He is the second player in the championship to cause the most fouls (44) with his twirling dribbles. Over the matches, he became an indisputable starter. His profile, increasingly rare, can easily attract other teams at the end of this transfer window.

He’s under contract until June 2025 and has an estimated market value of €1.8m according to Transfermarkt. It is clear that the Bordeaux leaders will not let him go unless they have a very important offer in front of them (see below).

Junior Mwanga, he is a versatile player but above all very good in the role of midfielder or hinge. From the height of his 19 years and his meter eighty-four, he imposes himself as a boss and is a good ball retainer. He also stood out in the transmissions he produced, whether in midfield or in defence. He commits very few faults and is often the author of very fair interceptions in dangerous areas. He has already played 17 games with the One team. He is under contract until June 2025 and has an estimated market value of just €1m.

Older (22 years old) and taller (1.93 m), Malcolm Bokele has charmed Bordeaux fans over his 16 games played. Present at the position of right defender and sometimes in hinge, his more than imposing physique allows him to make a clear difference in these positions. He is notably part of the typical team for this mid-season, dressed by Ligue 2, as a right defender. He is tied to Bordeaux until June 2024 and also has an estimated market value of €1m.

English, Spanish and French clubs make offers

French and European clubs have eyes everywhere, especially in Ligue 2 since the young people of the training center have already been tracked by big names. We remember the transfer of Mara last summer to the Premier League and those older Tchaouméni and Koundé.

Mainly, it is another right-back from the Girondins, Johaneko Louis-Jean (18), who was spotted by Athletic Bilbao, a club which made an offer of € 2 million to Bordeaux leaders according to RMC Sport. Admar Lopes refused.

The biggest offer made to the Marine et Blanc leaders came from an English club, playing in the Premier League, around 12 M€ in order to enjoy the talent of Junior Mwanga. It is also said that Arsenal, current first in their league, are following the Bordeaux prodigy very closely.

However, even this large sum does not turn the heads of the leaders who remain lucid and keep their nugget in Haillan. The objective is clear, to finish the season with these young people and make them play, in the event of a rise, in Ligue 1. Gérard Lopez even declared on December 31 on France Bleu Gironde: “SIf we are talking about young players, none will leave us, that is very clear.”

In addition, Stade Rennais, Olympique Lyonnais and AS Monaco appreciate Mwanga’s profile. However, it will be very complicated to keep him this summer, even if the Bordeaux president wishes to keep him until the summer of 2024. For him to stay in Bordeaux, an ambitious sports project will be needed.

At Bokele, it is Red Star Belgrade and FC Nantes who are ready to jump on an opportunity. Indeed, in talks to continue with his club, if the two parties did not agree, these two clubs would get down to business according to Ouest France. In view of the assets offered by Malcolm Bokele, it seems very unlikely that the latter will leave during this transfer window.

Let’s finish with Dilane Bakwa, who would be closely tracked by the technical director of Stade Rennais, Florian Maurice. Following the injury of Martin Terrier, the Breton club is looking to replace him and Bwaka pleases. Finally, it was FC Lorient who drew an offer of €12 million for Dilane Bakwa, we learned in the last 24 hours from Sud Ouest.

Towards the loan of the youngest?

Also from the Bordeaux training center, other young players are doing well and are more or less noticed. Some, lacking playing time, could go on loan to Ligue 2 or National clubs, for example. This was the case with Luca Rocrou before his injury.

Players like Ekomié, Louis-Jean, Delaurier-Chaubet can be ready given their random playing time. However, players like Marvin De Lima, Lenny Pirringuel and Emeric Depussay are more on loan, again, due to their very short playing time. Can they still settle for the National 3 after showing great promise.

The Bordeaux team is running at full speed, it’s the club’s identity, and it’s what finances its lifestyle. It is up to the owner to take this into account in order to build a visionary project that replaces the FCGB in the elite of French football. This is the year or never?

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