Aurillac procède à quelques petites retouches dans son groupe pour défier Béziers 

Aurillac makes a few small changes in his group to challenge Béziers

With only six new faces in the group compared to the team that lost against Mont-de-Marsan, Aurillac did not make a revolution, but rather small touches here and there when it came time to surrender. in Beziers.

What rebound for Aurillac after the end of his invincibility at Jean-Alric?

While the Cantaliens will benefit from a few days off after this first trip of the year – with a view to the long block of six games to follow – the staff will rely on a Tison-Maituku swap backbone in number 8, the first taking the place of the second on the bench.

Maxime Profit returns to the group and takes his place directly in the starting XV. Photo Jeremiah Fulleringer

In the 3rd line always, and in the absence of Beka Shvangiradze

Maxime Profit is back, he who had not been established since the trip to Oyonnax during the third block.

Vaccaro and Yabaki back as starters

On the front line, Aurillac will be able to count on Adrian Smith, who came out at the break against the Landais, but he will be able to hold his rank well. He will be associated with Henzo Kiteau who is also making his comeback, and Plantier who is continuing. The trio will be called upon to give way to a Rodgers-Lachaud-Kartvelishvili team in the second half.

In the soft stomach before receiving Aurillac, AS Béziers had other expectations

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Behind, confidence is maintained at the hinge Delarue-Palmier, author of a big performance to Jean-Alric, in front of an attack line modified at the margin. Lucas Vaccaro succeeds Christa Powell in the costume of the first powerful center, bringing in passing his qualities in the ground game.

The last change concerns the 3/4 wing position, with the return of Simeli Yabaki in place of AJ Coertzen. Anderson Neisen retaining the bottom of the field.

Jean Paul Cohade

The Georgian 3rd line was hit in the posterior cruciate ligament of a knee on Friday against Mont-de-Marsan. If the flanker should avoid the “operation” box, Aurillac will have to deal without one of his major players from the first leg for at least three months.

The essays BEZIERS
Starting XV:

Malie; Costa, Espeu, Recor, Lorre; (o) Dreuille, (m) Valentine; Koen, Benoît, Barrere; Gayraud, Bitz; Zabala, Esteriola, Fernandes.

Replacements: Lalevée, Akhaladze, Maamry, Van Bost, Goillot, Latorre, Votu, Hagan. AURILLAC
Starting XV:

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