A third suspect released in the "Pogba case"

A third suspect released in the “Pogba case”

He had regained his freedom for five days, in December, before being placed in detention again at the request of the Paris public prosecutor. Following a request for release filed on January 3, Mamadou M., one of the suspects in the Pogba case, finally left the Fleury-Mérogis remand center on Thursday, according to information from ” The Team”, revealed by his lawyer: “This second release is a release for my client who is worth fighting to prove his innocence”declares Me Steve Ruben.

Mamadou M. was placed under judicial supervision, like Mathias Pogba, defended by Me Yassine Bouzrou and Boubacar C., defended by Me Saïd Harir, two other protagonists in this case. Steve Ruben’s argument was based on several points. No risk of consultation with the co-indicted, he pleaded. First, because his client explained himself at length in police custody and during his interview and the hearings have already taken place; secondly because he cooperated with the police and agreed to provide investigators with the codes for his phone. The black dress believes that there is no more risk of pressure on the witnesses or on Paul Pogba himself, Mamadou M. having had no “intention to win” against the one he considered his ” big brother “assures the lawyer.

Paul Pogba accuses him of stealing 200,000 euros from him

On the merits of the case, Me Ruben maintains that his client was not present during Paul Pogba’s kidnapping (he claims to have left the apartment before the events took place), was never informed of the demands of several million euros assimilated to acts of blackmail and extortion by the police, and maintained friendly relations with the Juventus Turin community after March 19, 2022, the night of his confinement.

In his complaint and during his hearings, Paul Pogba for his part claimed that Mamadou M. had repeatedly used his bank card for personal purchases of up to 200,000 euros, and had attributed himself to having moved away from him. when he found out. In December, after his first release, the investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal had ordered the re-imprisonment of Mamadou M., in order, in particular, to avoid the risk of consultation between the indicted before possible confrontations, not to “reviving the improved disorder” to Paul Pogba and prevent any leaks abroad.

In early January, the suspect therefore provided, via Me Ruben, solid guarantees of representation, which partly enabled him to convince the judges and get out of prison. In December, as revealed The Parisian, Me Yassine Bouzrou had used similar arguments to obtain the release of Mathias Pogba, suspected of having wanted to blackmail his brother by posting videos on social networks threatening him to reveal compromising information. Among them, the use of a marabout by the French International. Mathias Pogba’s lawyer also considered that he did not exist “no risk of withering evidence” or of “fraudulent consultation” with the other players in this extraordinary affair.

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