Brive wins in Lyon, La Rochelle dominates Perpignan

Brive wins in Lyon, La Rochelle dominates Perpignan

Stade Français – Pau: 37-3

A week after the slap suffered by the neighbors of Racing (10-48), Stade Français was less flamboyant at Jean-Bouin to overcome the Paloise Section, Saturday during the 14th day of Top 14. Taking advantage of a Early yellow card from Béarnais center Manu (6th), the Parisians were quickly marked thanks to the millimeter pass from Segonds towards Tui (14th). But then they had more difficulty in concretizing their overall domination, returning to the locker room with a narrow lead (8-3).

After the break, the Parisian forwards definitely took matters into their own hands. Habel-Kuffner (47th) then Peyresblanques (59th) came to reward two effective mauls by determining in the in-goal and offering Paris the offensive bonus point, before Etien (63rd), Ward (72nd) and Hall ( 80th) do not complete absent Pau. Thanks to this 5-point success, Stade Français retains its good momentum and the place of the dolphin of Toulouse in the Top 14 classification.

Lyon-Brive: 27-30

What a first for Patrice Collazo! This meeting was a trap for the players of Xavier Garbajosa against the last of the Top 14 but reinvigorated by his victory against Clermont last weekend and the arrival of their new manager. Unable to put their game in place, beaten in aggressiveness, the Lyonnais did not succeed much except Dumortier’s 8th try. The Brivistes took advantage and knew how to play without complex, taking advantage of the new delay in Lyon’s ignition to lead 17-10 at the break with a try from Zafra and 12 points from Sanchez.

Then there was obviously a reaction from Lyon, but disorderly and sterile. On the contrary, it was Brive, who hurt his opponent thanks to a trickster try from Hervé (55th), then a drop from the same Hervé. The LOU then tried everything, but it was too late to reverse a match that it did not deserve to win, beaten in the engagement, in the conquest by Brivistes who joined until the end.

Perpignan-La Rochelle: 10-29

The Catalans, in search of confidence at home to get out of the relegation zone, completely missed the first act. The Rochelais went it alone, passing 4 tries to the locals. Amorphous, the people of Perpignan have never known how to get out of the maritime embrace. It is logical that Teddy Thomas twice (20th, 36th), Dillyn Leyds (22nd) and Tawera Kerr-Barlow (28th) crossed the line. On the siren, Catalan captain Mathieu Acebes even received a red card for a voluntary whim on Jonathan Danty. The latter also came out injured in the 68th.

The second period was much more choppy with a lot of dropped balls and indiscipline. The Catalans reacted by scoring an entry try, which kept them in the game. But a few minutes from time, the ubiquitous Paul Boudehent definitively buried Perpignan’s hopes. The Stade Rochelais has granted itself a precious improved success.

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