Bordeaux-Bègles offers the champion of France Montpellier in Top 14

Bordeaux-Bègles offers the champion of France Montpellier in Top 14

The game: 40-10

Double first for the Bordelais of President Laurent Marti, this season: two successes in a row and thanks to this windfall, entry into the top 6. Big week, therefore, for the UBB if we add the victory in La Rochelle last Friday, then the announcement of the signing of Damian Penaud. Boosted rather than collapsed after the dismissal of its coach Christophe Urios on November 15 and the formalization of Yannick Bru as head coach to replace him, the UBB ended the year with a bang.

After a first period generally dominated by Montpellier, the Bordelais managed to break away from the start of the second with a try from their Argentinian international winger Cordero (47th, 20-10) well served by a skimming pass from Matthieu Jalibert. Before that, the champions of France had scored their try (10th) in force by Willemse as a second intention behind melee under the Girondin posts.

The UBB, which we imagined, wrongly, contrite, replied in a good way there too behind the scrum and, from the middle of the field, triggered an attack on the right side improved by its winger Bielle-Biarrey author of a feat at the end of the line (22nd) just after the exit on right knee injury of the Italian international opener Paolo Garbisi, which disrupts the Hérault defense.

If the gap was minimal at the break in favor of the Bordelais (13-10), the result was clearly to their advantage in the wake of a very inspired Jalibert. As evidenced by the double of Bielle-Biarrey, taking up a parabolic foot pass from its opener (58th, 30-10). UBB would then put all their energy into the quest for a fourth try synonymous with an offensive bonus, completed by Maxime Lucu on the counter in the 66th minute.


The percentage of success at the foot of the Bordeaux international opener Matthieu Jalibert, author of a remarkable 7 out of 8 until his exit in the 71st minute.

The fact: Bordeaux, a bad grade on the ground

In the first half, the Girondins very often went to the ground, whether to defend or to chain the playing times. But each time they did, they were penalised. This lack of mastery of positions and placements – more than deliberate indiscipline – was detrimental to them: they thus wasted six opportunities to chain the game and let the Héraultais give this match their tempo. By playing standing up more and more in the second half, they managed to reverse this trend and impose their game.

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