When rugby puts the small dishes in the big boxes

When rugby puts the small dishes in the big boxes

SPORTY SWEEP – Dan Malafosse, second line in Montauban, launched the Box Tasting concept in 2019. This high-end gastronomic product is now available in Ovalie. Discovery.

Passed by the Stade Montois, the Paloise Section or the CA Brive (where he was trained), the second-line Dan Malafosse now exercises his talents as a rugby player in Montauban, in Pro D2. But, at almost 31 years old (January 14), the native of Grenoble is not content to just put on his crampons. Not tolerating, by his own admission, inactivity, he is also a determined entrepreneur. Who imagined and createda unique concept” and “in full growth» : the tasting box.

The idea did not come out of nowhere. His parents (his father, Michel, is a former third-line who passed through Grenoble, Bourgoin and Brive) launched, in 2011, the magazine ”Gourmets de France”, which deals with tableware and gastronomy. “One thing leading to another, in 2015 we created a product test to end up with a database of 350 to 400 Chefs and Meilleur Ouvrier de France. I thought to myself that I had to take advantage of it. At the end of 2019, I launched the Tasting Box, which only includes products, either developed or approved by these great chefs. Same for the wines. The producers are tested by the chefs. If they validate, they are referenced“, explains Dan Malafosse to Figaro.

The result ? “Luxury products, mainly marketed to companies and works councils. As a gift for seminars, as a thank you to customers or suppliers, etc.…And, since May 2022, a partnership with the French Rugby Federation (until 2025). With, in mind, the memory of the high-end picnics once very popular around the Twickenham stadium, in Richmond, before the meetings of the XV of England.

The rugby range is available in six boxes from 55 to 300 euros

With the FFR, we are expanding our panel. For example, we are mandated by travel agencies for their client-supporters as gifts of World Cup packs. As it is a gastronomic product, we also supply for hospitality in the lodges.»

The Webb Ellis Cup box. The Tasting Box

The products are indeed very high quality. From labeled foie gras to spreads from chef chocolatier Philippe Bernachon, including terrines and unforgettable jams, among other flavours. If the rugby range offers six boxes ranging from 55 to 300 euros, the Tasting Box is available indefinitely. “We do tailor-made, we adapt the content and the price. On the site, it is possible to make a box without alcohol, without pork, without meat… Their price varies from 35 to 800 euros, for individuals and professionals.»

I stand out with my concept: few volumes but a lot of quality.»

If this partnership with the FFR is promising, that with the Smart Boxes has accelerated the development, the growth is mainly based on the B to B, which represents 95% of the turnover of the small company of Dan Malafosse. Which continues to grow and delegate. “Since January 2022, a subsidiary of La Poste in Toulouse has been responsible for receiving and storing goods, preparing orders and keeping stocks up to date.

I couldn’t keep up, it was getting too hard physically. I’m happy to do business now.An exercise in which he excels. “I stand out from the crowd by my concept: few volumes but a lot of qualityends the second line.

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