Antoine Miquel (UBB) after the improved success against Brive: "We found each other"

Antoine Miquel (UBB) after the improved success against Brive: “We found each other”

Antoine Miquel (third center line of Union Bordeaux-Bègles after the improved victory (33-13) against Brive, Saturday): “It feels good to win a match, with the added bonus, it’s a victory to wear. It was long. Opposite, they weren’t painters, it’s a team that is out of place. At the beginning, we were a little tense team, not too awake, this first try does us good. We found each other, we played the defeats quickly, it was wanted because Brive against well in touch. These are things that are good to take, we found pride. It’s been talking a lot for weeks. We had to appeal to our pride. It’s the first offensive bonus of the season, but we’re not going to ignite. You have to win an away game. »

Frédéric Charrier (UBB coach) “From an accounting point of view, it does good. It was important, after a period of turmoil (Christophe Urios was notably dismissed from his coaching duties in mid-November, editor’s note). We did not feel a team playing with the handbrake. We overplayed a little, with too much play on the width and not very good quality in the kicking game, a game that was too short. In the second period, we won the occupation, we played well at home, with more control. You have to see later. The group had not been rewarded in Perpignan, there had been tension and nervousness at the start of the week. The Championship is tight, we are 3 points from 4th place. Now there is the European Cup. We will see on Monday by discussing with the players how we are going to approach it. »

Arnaud Mela (Brive coach): “We don’t have a lot of solutions […] The players were brave, they gave a lot. The two cards (yellow, 23rd and 45th) hurt us. We’re not having too much luck at the moment. We lack consistency, precision in camp outings, control too. And we don’t have too many favorable rebounds. We must continue to work. We’re going to take a breath of fresh air with the European Cup. The derby against Clermont will be crucial for the maintenance. »

Saïd Hirèche (third line wing of Brive) : “We are going to do the analysis on Monday, not everything is to be thrown away. We had a lot of desire, but when you spend too much time defending, you make mistakes, you take cards. It’s hard, you run after the score. They got us in touch. We should have varied our launches. It’s silly to say, but we still have a lot of work to do. We’re going to shut our mouths. It is above all necessary to point out our errors, our errors. »

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