OM: Bamba Dieng, a but that changes everything?  -Season

OM: Bamba Dieng, a but that changes everything? -Season

Bamba Dieng registered his second in selection. The first, he had scored against Cape Verde in the round of 16 of CAN 2022. This one, registered in the World Cup, under the eyes of the whole planet, does it change a lot of things for the young striker?

Its situation with Senegal

In three days, we will find the Lions of Teranga for a decisive match against Ecuador. With Bamba Dieng in the starting lineup? Our reporter Karim Dioufwho follows with very particular attention the Senegalese services, does not really believe in it: “I think he will hand over the two strikers seen against Qatar, Boulaye Dia and Famara Diedhiou, because they also scored and were decisive. Aliou Cissé also has the satisfaction of telling himself that Bamba, coming into play, can score. So I think he will stay on the same logic counting on Bamba Dieng who scored on a single occasion“. A super sub now certain in the eyes of his coach. That’s already not bad.

His situation at OM

For the 2nd part of the season, Igor Tudor will recover a scorer in the final phase of the World Cup. A boy who will, whatever happens, be full of confidence with this strike from the right without control registered against Qatar. From there to becoming a holder? Let’s not go too fast, because if the Croatian coach continues to stay straight in his boots with his principles of play, the number 9 chosen most of the time will be Alexis Sanchez. Still, in this case, it will be necessary to register two names behind that of the Chilean and that it will be necessary to find them. We should therefore at times, more often than during the 1st phase, find a lower Sanchez with Bamba Dieng looking for depth. A plan B which will take all the more thickness if the Senegalese continues.

His situation on the transfer market

Because yes, this is the heart of the problem facing Pablo Longoria. Bamba Dieng only has a year and a half of his contract left and the president made an astonishing announcement: “We are very happy with Bamba Dieng, really. He made some big changesLongoria detailed. He trains impressively, I must say. In the summer, you could criticize a little, but he deserves all the good that is happening to him now. We are very happy with him. He is a player who has now returned to all mechanics. He listened, with incredible humility in training. And naturally, what we want in the next few weeks is to start discussing an extension. Especially because we are very happy with its level of performance. We believe he will be an important player in the future of OM, we believe him. He is a player with a high level of involvement in the project and in what the coach asks. I want to say it publicly”.

Now, however, its value has changed. A goal at the World Cup, it gives creation and strength on the market. This wins a better contract for the player or a better selling price for the club. If the will is really to prolong it, it will be necessary to act quickly. It’s up to the president to reach an agreement with the Senegalese’s entourage, which had already posed the problem in the past. But the turn was triggered by the leader of OM. It’s already that.

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